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11/29, 2:26pm Re: KNOP ... -- 16.84 was support. Went through th... m inthegreen 8
11/29, 2:04pm KNOP -- My new and final stink bid at $15.65.... m jcope 17
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11/29, 1:40pm global supply chains next curveball -- Feeder oper... m johnkill Transport 19
11/29, 1:28pm TWTR -- Really like Twitter here at $47. I am... m stlbeerman Holdings 14
11/29, 1:25pm Kirkland Lake Gold Gets EPA Notice .......... -- ... m tankerat Stock Pri... 8
11/29, 1:15pm Stock Market Update -- Technology Outperforms29-No... m cti1usnret Direction... 17
11/29, 1:04pm SJT Ex-Dividend $0.149811 per Unit..Today....... m tankerat Natural Gas 10
11/29, 12:54pm Re:Bulkers have left the dock,now sailing away. D!... m dig4value Undervalu... 27
11/29, 12:45pm buying NRZ ITM Jan 10 calls for 5c premium -- <... m dig4value Mortgage ... 11

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Nov. 24, 6:29 PM   somebody who?     initiates   ONL    w/ Buy 
Nov. 19, 1:58 PM   somebody who?     reiterates   CLF    w/ Strong Buy 
Oct. 20, 3:33 PM   somebody who?     initiates   XOP    w/ Buy 
Oct. 5, 09:59 AM   somebody who?     initiates   XLE    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 30, 7:59 PM   somebody who?     reiterates   ETHE    w/ Buy 
Sep. 30, 3:31 PM   somebody who?     initiates   XOM    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 30, 3:27 PM   somebody who?     initiates   KRP    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 30, 3:23 PM   somebody who?     initiates   SBLK    w/ Strong Buy 
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Sep. 28, 5:01 PM   somebody who?     initiates   KRP    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 28, 4:44 PM   somebody who?     initiates   SBLK    w/ Strong Buy 
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