Please use discipline today.  Be rational and do not panic and become emotional.  Everyone is going to work today.  Production lines will still be running, trucks will still be on the road delivering goods. Phones will be answered and purchase orders will still be written.

The business of America is still business and although it might not be business as usual there will still be business done.

The last Conference Board report had both the Leading Economic Indicator and Coincident Economic Indicator in positive numbers.

Yes, the stock futures are down by less than 2% but please put that in perspectives.  This morning 49% of the population is disappointed that their candidate did not win.  Today only 1% - 2% of the entire public capitalization of the US stock market will change hands.  Sellers that are dumping their shares will still get 98 cents on the dollar.

Today is not the day to be emotional.  If there are butterflies in your stomach by all means put in some stop losses or buy some puts at what ever your tolerance for pain is.

I am not selling anything today and I am not buying anything today.

Follow 4 indicators on each of your stocks:

Be rational and look at the big picture.

Have a nice day.