As I write this post the Mid Caps although in a downward trend like the rest of the indexes are not the worst index on the block.  When I look at how many stocks are trading above their daily moving averages the S&P 400 Mid Cap Index is just slightly less worse than the rest.

S&P 400 Mid Cap stocks trading above their DMAs:

Stocks trading above their DMAs from the 10,000+ in the Barchart database:
The following chart plots the percentage loss of some of the major indexes over the last year:
  1. Value Line Arithmetic Index down 18.37%
  2. Dow Industrial Index down 10.94
  3. S&P 400 Mid Cap Index down 15.39
  4. Russell 3000 Index down 12.39

 Today I used Barchart to sort the S&P 400 Mid Cap Index stocks first for the highest technical buy signals, then I used the Flipchart feature to review the charts.

Today's list includes National Retail Proprieties (NNN), Idacorp (IDA), Dean Foods (DF),  Black Hills (BKH) and Westar Energy (WR).

National Retail Properties (NNN)

Barchart technical indicators:
Idacorp (IDA)

Barchart technical indicators:
Dean Foods (DF)

Barchart technical indicators:
Black Hills (BKH)

Barchart technical indicators:
Westar Energy (WR)

Barchart technical indicators: